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1st Bedfordshire Yoga


24th June 2023


Now the dream has come true and year 2 of our amazing minifest is here! Bringing together yoga, sound, movement, ice & music and meditation lovers in one beautiful space full of healing energy. Yoga with Lenka is proud to collaborate with Bedford's finest yoga, pilates and other movement teachers, healers and artists in order to bring this special day to you all! Don't hesitate and join us. Spaces are limited! 

@Happy Body Project, West Park Farm, Wilstead

What to expect <3

Movement & yoga MiniFest is a holistic day to look after yourself and celebrate your personal journey of yoga. Your day will be full of amazing classes led by Bedford's finest teachers and healers. There will be 4 classes to choose from each hour. First come first serve basis without pre-booking. We will start the day with lady cacao, pranayama to get ourselves grounded. Then, throughout the day we will dive into many different styles of yoga, workshops, talks, sound bath healing, ice baths, rave and meditation. Yummy Vegetarian & Vegan lunch will be provided too. 










New things this year to look forward to this year:

  •  2 sessions of ice baths ( first come first serve basis)

  • 8 types of yoga, 18 yoga classes to choose from

  • 3 mini workshops - Inversions, Backbends & 8 Angle pose

  • Pranayama, Wim Hof inspired meditationSound Healing

  • Ecstatic Dance & Yoga Rav

  • TALKS: Psychedelics, Healthy flexibility, Crystal Healing, Medicine of the heart - Cacao?

Types of yoga you can get excited about includes: vinyasa, restorative, yin, kundalini and pincha workshop.

The day will be nicely rounded by meditation, yoga nidra and sound bath healing. 


Morning Sessions 

9am Arrival

Welcome  & Cleansing 

Opening Cacao Ceremony & meditation w/LENKA & CERIAN

Yoga & Song w/BEX

TALK: Psychedelic  assisted integration w/JO

Rocket Express w/SARAH 

Inverted World Workshop w/LENKA (with Assists)

Thai Chi w/GERALD

Focus on Backbends w/CHLOE

Vinyasa Love w/ROSANNA

Astavakrasana or Eight-Angle Pose play w/JAMIE

Sound Healing Pause  w/DONNA 

Principles of Alignment w/CERIAN




12.30 Lunch time Chill out + YUMMY LUNCH  


Afternoon Sessions

13pm Arrival 


Restoration Station & Pranayama w/CERIAN 

Sound Healing Digest w/DONNA

Breathwork  w/JEN & LENKA

TALK: Science of Healthy Stretching w/ROB

Ashtanga mix w/TOM

TALK: Cacao medicine of the heart w/LENKA

Kundalini Shake Up w/JO

Pure Flow w/CHLOE

TALK: I am a warrior /Battle with addiction w/JEN

Hot Yoga Mini w/HOLLIE

Wind Down Yoga & Sound w/MAG

Yin Bliss w/SARAH

Yoga Nidra & Pan Drum w/JAMIE

TALK: Magic of Chakras w/TOM



* there is no refund policy on all tickets to the festival. Participant is responsible and can resell the ticket for the face value price. 

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