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Yoga classes, yoga Bedford


John Bunyan Museum, Mill St, Bedford MK40 3EU, 

Mondays 7:30pm

ww/ Lenka or Cerian

or LIVE ZOOM CLASS, Zoom ID required

Beautiful energetic flow 30mins followed up 30 mins of deep stretches. An energising as well as rejuvenating class. In this class, for first 30 mins you will focus on creating heat in your body and developing your strength, cardiovascular fitness and mental focus with the juicy flows. Postures are built up in stages and there is a level for everyone. Second half of the lass will focus on deeper holds that will help us to release stress in the body, increase circulation in the joints, and improve flexibility. Try our feel good flowing practice that's suitable for all levels.



John Bunyan Museum, Mill St, Bedford MK40 3EU, 

Tuesdays 7:30pm

or LIVE ZOOM CLASS, Zoom ID required

This energetic sequence will increase your overall strength a stamina. The class connects body and mind by creating a moving meditation while boosting your strength and flexibility. We will build heat through continuous movement, high-energy repetitions, arm balances, and inversions for a full-body workout. This is the sweaty, invigorating practice you’ve been looking for — prepare to get your heart rate up, feel strong in your body, and drop into the flow.
Get ready to open your body and deepen your practice!
Perfect for all levels, beginners are welcome.

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Pool Reflection Stretching



John Bunyan Museum, Mill St, Bedford MK40 3EU, 

Wednesdays 6:30pm

or LIVE ZOOM CLASS, Zoom ID required

w/ Cerian Hopkins

Recharge, unwind and unravel. This class is a perfect start to your week with focus on themed flow with longer stretches to reset and recharge ready to face the rest of the week. we will focus on on releasing tensions in your body, focusing on postures that help lengthen tight muscles and create a space in your body, in turn creating space in your mind to relieve stress... We conclude with a relaxed guided meditation.


(Perfect stretch to one's routine)

John Bunyan Museum, Mill St, Bedford MK40 3EU

Saturdays 10:30am 

or LIVE ZOOM CLASS, Zoom ID required

w/ Kim

Uplift your mood and body with your new Saturday morning ritual. Awaken your most radiant self. Your ultimate Saturday morning practice. This class focuses on mobility and stretching incorporated into beautiful yoga flow. Perfect as a stand along practice or complementing practice to your excising routine. 

All levels!





John Bunyan Museum, Mill St, Bedford MK40 3EU

Sundays 9:30am

or LIVE ZOOM CLASS, Zoom ID required

w/ Sarah

Busy-minded people carry around worries, fear, and anxiety, and these classes create a sacred space to let go of these old patterns to become more peaceful and present in our lives. The goal is to create an outlet for stress that enables you to boost your mood, increase your energy, and leave your mat feeling great. Using Vinyasa based sequences to gently heat up the body from the inside out, this class will help find strength, flexibility and balance for the body and the mind. Suitable for all levels, with options for working towards more advanced postures (inversions/arm balances). You will leave feeling supercharged and ready for the week ahead!

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